Top Mountain Bike Trails in Vilnius

Top Mountain Bike Trails in Vilnius

Explore Vilnius on Two Wheels: Top Mountain Bike Trails Await!

Visiting Vilnius for a conference, business trip, or simply a weekend getaway? Don’t leave your sense of adventure behind! Vilnius is an ideal destination for short mountain bike rides, surrounded by hilly parks and forests just minutes from the city center.

Unleash your inner mountain biker on single-track trails, tackle thrilling downhills, and soak in breathtaking panoramic views. Choose from trails suitable for all levels, from beginners to seasoned riders:

Popular Routes (20-40 km):

  • Pavilnis Regional Park & Belmontas: The closest and most popular route offers diverse terrain, including flat forest tracks and challenging downhills. Enjoy panoramas of the Old Town and nearby landmarks.
  • Verkiu Regional Park & Green Lakes: Cycle through picturesque riverside paths to reach this expansive park with pristine single tracks, charming lakes, and historical sights.
  • Sauletekis Trail: Host to annual races, this well-marked trail provides an intensive workout for experienced riders.
  • Ribiskiu Trail (Pavilnis Park): Short but intense, ideal for a quick adrenaline rush with stunning city views.
  • Lazdyneliai & Vingis Park: Perfect for relaxed riding along the Neris River, suitable for all levels.

More to Explore:

Discover additional trails based on your preferences! Contact Velotakas at for recommendations and rentals.

Velotakas provides:

  • High-quality mountain bike rentals with self-guided maps.
  • Regular and private guided MTB tours to explore hidden gems.

Don’t miss out on the thrill of mountain biking in Vilnius! Book your rental or tour today and discover the city’s natural beauty on two wheels.

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