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Vilnius Challenge 2020 registration


Everyone who loves sports save the date 6 June because registration for #VilniusChallenge has begun.

Participants must take care of the necessary equipment to complete the runs, so Bike Vilnius Velotakas

offers the rent of high quality MTB mountain and hybrid bikes and helmets 

For more information about the event:

TOP-5 mountain bike trails in Vilnius


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If you came for a conference, business meeting or just spending  a weekend break with the family or friends, don‘t forget to take your sport clothes.

Vilnius is perfect destination for short rides with mountain bikes.


Vilnius is surrounded by hilly parks and forests and suits perfectly for mountain biking. It takes less than 15 minutes by bike to reach great mountain bike trails, you don’t need special transport to get there.

Most of our preferred trails – single tracks in the forests with nice downhills, some parts do have prominent tree roots, no stone trails.

These natural forest trails are not overcrowded. You will have opportunity not only to enjoy riding but also to see spectacular panoramic views on your way.

There are different challenge levels suitable to anyone from beginners to experts.

Our favourite MTB trails with average distance 20-25 km:

  • Pavilnis regional park and Belmontas

The most popular route and  the closest to the city center offers a mixture of hilly trails, flat forest single tracks.

For extreme seekers – it is one of the longest downhill trail in Vilnius, and quite technical.

Distance – 20-25 km

Ascend – 300-350 m

On the way, a panoramic view of the Old town (Gediminas Castle, Vilnius University, St.Ann’s Church, TV tower and many more)  from Altana hill,

Uzupis, Antakalnis forest panoramic view, former skiing slope, Puckoriu atodanga view, view of the President’s house, Belmontas water mill.

  • Verkiu regional park, the Green lakes

 The longest tour, it will take approximately 25-30 min. to get to Verkiu regional park  by bike via a picturesque bicycle path along the river Neris.

In the park you will find perfect single tracks in the forest, on the way you will pass by 4 lakes, Verkiu Manor, Antakalnis and Zirmunai districts.

Distance – 35-40 km

Ascend – 200 m

  • Sauletekis trail

MTB race take place annually in Sauletekis forest. This trail is signed and easy to find.

If you have time for a longer intensive workout, Sauletekis trail will match your needs.

Distance – 30 km

Ascend – 200 m

  • Pavilnis regional park, Ribiskiu trail

The shortest but the most intensive trail, offers steep uphills. This trail fits perfect for those who want a short but intensive workout.

On the way – a panoramic view of the Old town, Ribiskiu panoramic view, Liepkalnis skiing tracks.

Distance – 15 km

Ascend – 250 m

  • Lazdyneleiai. Vingis park

This trail suitable to anyone especially trails in Vingis park. Most of the trail you will ride along the river Neris. Trail is not quite flat and not hilly.

Distance – 20 km

Ascent – 100 m

Interested in more trails? Just let us know your preferences, contact us : !

Velotakas offers good quality mountain bikes for rent (provide with selfdrive maps), we  also offer guided regular and private MTB tours.

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MTB Mountain Bike Scott in the background of the park in Vilnius for rent
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