Bike tour top attractions

Bike tour top attractions

Top 10 Must-See Attractions on a Bike Tour in Vilnius

Are you ready to explore Vilnius on two wheels? Join us at as we guide you through the top 10 attractions that make our bike tours a must for every adventurer!

Gediminas Castle Tower: Kick off your tour with a ride to the iconic Gediminas Castle Tower, offering panoramic views of the cityscape.

Old Town Charm: Navigate through the charming cobbled streets of Vilnius Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site filled with history and culture.

Cathedral Square: Pedal to the heart of the city and admire the grandeur of Cathedral Square, surrounded by architectural marvels like Vilnius Cathedral.

Užupis District: Explore the bohemian Užupis district, known for its artistic vibes, quirky street art, and the Republic of Užupis – an independent artist’s haven.

Bernardine Gardens: Take a leisurely ride through the serene Bernardine Gardens, a lush oasis in the city offering a peaceful escape.

Vilnius University: Cycle past the prestigious Vilnius University, one of the oldest in Central Europe, and soak in the academic atmosphere.

Gate of Dawn: Pedestrian-friendly Gate of Dawn is a historic city gate and a revered religious site, attracting visitors with its spiritual significance.

Literatų Street: Dive into Literatų Street, a literary paradise adorned with artworks and dedicated to Lithuanian writers – a cultural gem waiting to be discovered.

Neris River Promenade: Enjoy a scenic ride along the Neris River Promenade, offering a tranquil route with picturesque views of the water and surrounding landscapes.

Barbican Panorama: Conclude your bike tour with a breathtaking panorama view from Barbican, a historic defensive fortification. Marvel at the city’s skyline and capture the essence of Vilnius in a truly unforgettable way.

At, our bike tours blend adventure with history, culture, and the beauty of Vilnius. Join us for an unforgettable journey through these top 10 attractions, and let the wheels of your bike lead you to the heart of the Lithuanian capital!

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