Bike shops in Vilnius

Bike shops in Vilnius

Bicycle Repair Shops and Dealers in Vilnius

Embarking on a cycling journey in Vilnius requires a reliable bike and the assurance that your two-wheeled companion is in top condition. To help you find the perfect blend of repair expertise and bike sales, we’ve curated a list of the top bicycle repair shops and dealers in Vilnius City Center. These establishments not only provide quality repair services but also offer a selection of bikes for purchase.

Bikko: Bikko is a versatile cycling destination, offering top-notch repairs and an array of bikes for sale. Their knowledgeable technicians ensure your bike is in optimal condition, and their showroom features quality bicycles catering to various riding styles.

Dviraciuarena: Dviraciuarena is a trusted name in the cycling community, providing a combination of expert repair services and a diverse selection of bikes for purchase. Explore their offerings to find the perfect match for your cycling needs.

Ponas Dviratis: Ponas Dviratis is a cycling hub that caters to both repair needs and bike enthusiasts looking to make a new purchase. Their skilled team is committed to ensuring your current bike is in excellent condition while offering a variety of bikes for sale.

UltraBike: UltraBike is a cycling haven where repair excellence meets a curated collection of bikes for sale. Their skilled team ensures your bike receives top-notch service, and their showroom presents a variety of options for your next cycling adventure.

Veloklinika: Renowned for their technical expertise, Veloklinika is a trusted destination for bike repairs. Simultaneously, their showroom showcases a diverse range of bikes for sale, allowing you to explore options that suit your cycling preferences.

Velonova: A prominent name among cyclists, Velonova stands out for its comprehensive approach. Providing expert repair services, Velonova also features a curated collection of bikes for sale, ensuring you have access to the latest models and quality options.

Before your next cycling adventure in Vilnius, consider visiting one of these establishments to keep your bike in peak condition or explore the possibility of acquiring a new one. These shops are open now and ready to assist you in making your cycling experience in Vilnius enjoyable and worry-free. Happy riding!

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