About Us

We offer different type of bicycles and tours in Vilnius.

We  promote bicycle as ecological and healthy city transport entertaining both – locals and city guests.

In our fleet we ave variuos type of bikes – City, Touring, Hibrid, Road and Mountain bikes. All our bikes are brand new in a very good condition. We organise various tours accompanied by professional guides depending on your needs – we offer you regular bike city sightseeing tours in Vilnius.

Nature bike tours with mountain bikes to Verkiu manor, Pavilnio and Verkiu regional parks, Belmontas, Green lake or sporty cross-country tours. 

Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania and largest city in the country includes Cathedral and the Cathedral Square, bell tower, Lithuanian Gothic nook – an ensemble of St. Anna and Bernardines’ Church, Pilies street, the main pedestrian tourist area of the Old town, Presidential Palace square, an Ensemble of old Vilnius University, founded in 1579, with its famous courtyards and Church of St. John, the former Jewish quarter, the Gate of Dawn with a chapel, which houses a holy image of the Virgin Mary, reputed for miracle-working powers.

We also offer self-drive tours to Trakai.

The old town of Trakai –  is very popular with the residents of Lithuania and foreign guests – is situated west of Vilnius between the hills, forests and lakes, are washed by the waters of Lakes Galvė, Totoriškių and Bernardinų (Lukos). This town, famous for its picturesque landscape and the legendary Trakai Castle, was a cradle of the Lithuanian statehood, an important military and political centre, headquarters of the Lithuanian Grand Dukes, and the capital of Lithuania. Today, Trakai attracts visitors to a wonderful place offering refuge from a hectic city life, with walks around the beautiful area or yacht trips on one of the numerous lakes. We will give You detail instruction how to get by bike to Trakai avoiding roads with heavy traffic. You can also go to Trakai by train, tickets for bikes  are not expensive and you can buy them easily online : https://www.traukiniobilietas.lt/portal/en